Linggo, Agosto 29, 2010

Baron Geisler Frontal!!

It's very dark and you barely see anything but on the latter part, u get to see half of his penis. This is from the movie "Jay". I adjusted the brightness for better viewing...

Linggo, Agosto 22, 2010

As Requested: Sagwan

As requested, the reason why i was not supposed to include the caps from this movie because the frontals are very quick and dark. But here you go....

This Guy...

This Guy.... Brighten your screen if you can't see his penis underneath his shorts...

Linggo, Hulyo 25, 2010

New ones coming soon!!!

Sorry guyz, if it's taking me some time to add... really bz with work but promise new updates soon! check me out regularly!!

Mr. Borgasmic

Sabado, Hunyo 26, 2010

Gino Quintana Full Frontal!!

Excerpt from the movie Santuaryo, very quick scene and dark but you can see the goods! :)

Hottameter *****

Sabado, Hunyo 12, 2010

Will Sandejas Full Frontal!!

Again!! This time from the movie Santuaryo. I'm starting to get tired looking at his dick although he's really HOT!

Hottameter *****

Basti Romero Full Frontal

From the movie santuaryo, i thought there will be plenty of nudity from this movie. This is the only thing you will get besides Will Sandejas' scene (which I'll post later). The DVD copy is not worth it if you're only after the ding dongs of the guys. For the story? hmmm... i never watched it, i just fast forwarded it... lolHottameter ****

Linggo, Mayo 23, 2010

Mark Rodriguez Full Frontal!!!

This guy is hot! Tall Dark and Handsome! From the M2m Eyeball 2 straight to dvd video.